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      The primary objectives of the Interinstitutional Graduate Program in International Relations “San Tiago Dantas” (UNESP, UNICAMP, PUC-SP) has been to offer its students an education of excellence through the improvement of theoretical and methodological resources and to stimulate originality in its investigations. To meet the demand for researchers in International Relations and training academics capable of achieving the requirements of analysis and study of international relations and its impact on our country, from a critical and interdisciplinary view.

        The association, constructed by the interaction of the three universities, the Program has been representing, since 2003, the use of such resources in an integrated manner, demonstrating a new ability of teaching and researching. The objective is increasing the challenge represented by the adoption of a transdisciplinary and critical language in the construction of the International Relations area identity.

      Encouraging a permanent dialogue between distinct and complementary disciplines and related fields added to the axis of International Relations, the Program provides to its students a perspective that goes beyond the limits of excessive specialization. Thus, at the same time the student acquires an education that focuses on the specific needs of International Relations area, he/she is also able to cast a broader look at reality, open to the complexity of social life, adopting as investigative focus challenging issues to understand the transformations of international society and its multiple impacts on political, economic, and social instances upon the world, particularly what concerns Brazil. This analytical dynamic adds to the Program a unique characteristic in our country and makes it a privileged space for the transdisciplinary nature of International Relations.



Research lines

Line 1 - Regional Integration:

Line 2 - Foreign Policy:

Line 3 - International Political Economy:

Line 4 - Foreign Affairs of the United States


Research lines

Line 1 - Strategic Thinking, Defense, and Foreign Policy:

Line 2 - Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution, and Crisis Management:

Line 3 - International Security Studies, Regional Security, new themes, and approaches:

Line 4 - International conflicts and violence in contemporary societies:

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